It is at the sharp end of the smartphone price scale, although can be had for around ?34 per month on a two year deal in the UK, which is not too bad at all compared to the competition.

The design of the HTC One is something that you simply have to experience in the hand. Where those that pick up the Samsung Galaxy S3 will go Oh, it is a bit plastic, is not it? But ooh, it ss quite light and those who encounter the iPhone 5 will, to a person, say Ooh, it is very light is not it? You do not expect it to be that light! those that try the HTC One will simply intone: Oh, that is really nice. Really, really nice.

HTC One review

And do you know why? Simple: the HTC One is one of the best-designed phones on the planet. Not content with inventing a new machining process to allow the body to be all aluminium, the Taiwanese firm has extended the screen to the edges of the chassis further than ever before, meaning you are getting a 4.7-inch Full HD display without the additional heft you would probably expect.

It is even thinner than its predecessor, the HTC One X (we know, that naming strategy leaves a lot to be desired) and as such slides nicely in the pocket. It is not light either, weighing more than most of the competition, but rather than feeling overweight, combined with the metallic chassis is oozes a premium build. Samsung is probably hoping not a lot of people hold this phone side-by-side with the new S4 as otherwise the buying choice is going to be a lot more of a worry for the Koreans.